Wearable Technology focused
on updating work environments and improving safety.

We design wearable technology devices to provide an innovative global service of data processing and display in the field of industrial work safety.

Engidi is a start-up based in Barcelona focused
on wearable technology design and data management.

Engidi aims to equalise the use of technology in the industrial sector. Since there is a gap between tools or equipment and processes that rely on human action.

How to fix it?
Control & safety

Our challenge is to materialise the concept of the "internet of things" in markets that have a lack of technology. Civil works, large factories and open-cast mines are some of the future scenarios of action.

Engidi is a multidisciplinary team with an extensive experience in business management, design and development of technological products, logistics, management of occupational health, telecommunications, architecture and marketing.

A unique and ambitious goal

providing technological tools that
can make working environments safe and efficient.

The whole team hold shares of the company and strive to reach
a unique and ambitious objective.

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Barcelona +34 625 71 79 75
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International calls: +34 680 227 804



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